How Much Do Teachers Make?

teacher job descriptionTeachers are responsible for educating children and are vital for implementing education and knowledge, and even the potential success of students.

If children have teachers who are very passionate about educating, they can also instill that excitement for learning in the nation’s youth.

They help our society become educated, whether the teacher may be an elementary school teacher, a middle school, or a high school. Their job is incredibly important for the future of the world, and our children.

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Average teacher salary

There is not a definite answer to the question how much do teachers make. There are several types of teachers in the United States, and the salary varies for each specialty, or grade level of teaching. Keep in mind, teachers do not typically have to work every month of the year, as summer vacations and breaks amount to approximately three months of the year.

  • Kindergarten and elementary school teachers earn an average of $57,980 per year.
  • High school teachers earn an average of $60,320 per year.

Top 5  Paying States

FlagStateEmployment per 1000 JobsHourly mean wageAnnual mean wage
New York FlagNew York8.32$74,830
Alaska FlagAlaska9.94$71,460
Connecticut FlagConnecticut10.03$70,820
California FlagCalifornia8.94$69,990
Massachusetts FlagMassachusetts 8.06$69,890

Top Paying Industries

IndustryPercent of industry employmentHourly mean wageAnnual mean wage
Elementary and Secondary Schools16.16$56,870
Medical and Surgical Hospitals$55,200
Local Government 0.01$54,220
Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools0.02$52,640
Educational Support Services 0.21$50,340

What do teachers do?

what do teachers doTeachers of all specialties spend an abundance of their time developing lessons, grading assignments, measuring success, and seeking room for improvements.

Most grade levels require standardized testing in the United States, and preparing students for these tests is an important factor of education. They may work in private , public, and religious schools.

  • Elementary school teachers teach foundational aspects of subjects such as reading comprehension, science, history, and basic math skills. They are responsible for teaching children how to interact, and discourage inappropriate interactions through the use of rules. They devote a lot of time to staying connected with parents, using tools such as parent-teacher conferences and meetings to discuss success or room for improvement. They are also very involved in student’s issues such as educational struggles, or emotional concerns, and develop plans to help overcome any weaknesses. Elementary teachers are also responsible for supervising their young students while eating , playing, and interacting.
  • Middle school teachers specialize in teaching a specific subject, including Earth Science, Math, History, and English. They are responsible for teaching the material in a way that would prepare them for high school studies. Middle school teachers are also responsible for developing effective rules and supervising students.
  • High School teachers also specialize in a subject such as Global History, Economics, Calculus, Trigonometry, or English. They are responsible for teaching material in a way that will prepare students for graduation and moving on to college, or work. They also may teach alternative courses, such as Cooking, Physical Education, and Music. High school teachers may also have accelerated courses or “Honors” courses that they may have to develop advanced lesson plans for.

Job outlook

As student-teacher ratios begin to decline for educational quality, the demand for teachers will rise, and is expected to rise approximately six percent within the next ten years. This is considered slower than the average, compared to other career fields in the United States. Locations where there may be a lot of educational improvements being made will offer more employment opportunities for teachers. Most teaching positions offer tenure for work quality, so teachers can feel positive about their job security.

The duties of a teacher are very rewarding, and the influence of teachers is easily seen through the success of students.

Considering that the children of the United States will be the future of the country, teachers leave a strong impression upon society as a whole.

Teachers are respected professionals that leave a lasting impact upon the United States.

Teacher Salary by State

FlagStateEmployment per 1000 JobsHourly mean wageAnnual mean wage
Alabama FlagAlabama11.955$49,410
Alaska FlagAlaska9.94$71,460
Arizona FlagArizona9.525$43,050
Arkansas FlagArkansas10.072$44,810
California FlagCalifornia8.944$69,990
Colorado flagColorado10.367$50,180
Connecticut FlagConnecticut10.026$70,820
Delaware flagDelaware10.69$58,680
Florida FlagFlorida9.251$47,730
Georgia FlagGeorgia11.909$54,030
Hawaii FlagHawaii9.897$54,690
Idaho FlagIdaho11.024$47,060
Illinois FlagIllinois10.602$57,950
Indiana FlagIndiana8.657$50,350
Iowa FlagIowa10.887$49,910
Kansas FlagKansas9.894$45,010
Kentucky FlagKentucky10.641$51,160
Louisiana FlagLouisiana9.828$47,780
Maine FlagMaine12.146$48,770
Maryland FlagMaryland10.535$63,050
Massachusetts FlagMassachusetts8.057$69,890
Michigan FlagMichigan9.628$63,640
Minnesota FlagMinnesota9.905$60,140
Mississippi FlagMississippi13.179$41,010
Missouri FlagMissouri9.088$50,240
Montana FlagMontana9.95$46,720
Nebraska FlagNebraska9.532$49,540
Nevada FlagNevada8.295$52,900
New Hampshire FlagNew Hampshire10.171$54,780
New Jersey FlagNew Jersey11.538$67,100
New Mexico FlagNew Mexico10.294$51,220
New York FlagNew York8.317$74,830
North Carolina FlagNorth Carolina10.15$42,440
North Dakota FlagNorth Dakota10.997$47,710
Ohio FlagOhio9.899$58,490
Oklahoma FlagOklahoma11.078$41,880
Oregon FlagOregon7.127$56,890
Pennsylvania FlagPennsylvania9.781$60,580
Rhode Island FlagRhode Island8.788$69,450
South Carolina FlagSouth Carolina10.466$48,380
South Dakota FlagSouth Dakota9.496$41,490
Tennessee FlagTennessee10.696$48,970
Texas FlagTexas12.842$51,100
Utah FlagUtah12.226$54,200
Vermont FlagVermont10.646$54,260
Virginia FlagVirginia9.878$60,430
Washington FlagWashington9.433$60,190
West Virginia FlagWest Virginia9.813$45,730
Wisconsin FlagWisconsin9.306$54,560
Wyomin FlagWyoming9.66$58,190

Top Paying Metropolitan Areas

AreaEmployment per 1000 jobsHourly mean wageAnnual mean wage
Fairbanks, AK 10.16$101,540
Nassau / Suffolk, – NY – Metropolitan Division 9.28$96,910
Kingston, NY 13.33$88,700
Poughkeepsie / Newburgh / Middletown, – NY10.61$79,380
New Bedford, MA10.96$77,490

Top Paying non-Metropolitan Areas

AreaEmployment per 1000 jobsHourly mean wageAnnual mean wage
North Valley – Region of California – nonmetropolitan area 19.41$73,230
Southwest Massachusetts – nonmetropolitan area 3.61$72,000
Nantucket Island and Martha’s Vineyard – nonmetropolitan area 13.09$71,700
Southeast Alaska – nonmetropolitan area 9.16$71,660
Northwestern Connecticut – nonmetropolitan area 14.75$70,670

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