How Much Do Dental Assistants Make?

dental assistant job descriptionDental-hygiene helpers often work in a dental office. It is an environment where they help patients receiving orthodontic dental care. Normally, the job of an assistant dental worker is to prepare equipment and materials for the orthodontist. They also have the legal jurisdiction to manage dental records.

A dental assistant can as well help prospective clients to relax perfectly when treatment is being carried out. They also help patients to maintain a level of comfort before any dental process is performed. The job position calls for helping the orthodontist by installing orthodontic mouth gear and any other needed casts.

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Dental Assistant Salary

The average dental assistant salary is $38,660.

One major factor that can affect the earning potential of an assistant dental worker is the geographic region. For instance, assistant dental workers in the eastern dental assistant salaryregion of the US such as North Carolina and Georgia earn between $18.00 and $21.00 per hour.

These wage rates cannot be compared to other regions in the US. Research from Bureau of Labor Statistics proves that assistant dental workers either accredited or not will earn about $38,660 per year. When applying certain earning factors, studies have shown that a dental assistant of the low end earns less than $26,940 annually.

For an assistant on the higher end, they can earn above $54,800 nationally. On this note, it is clear that a dental assistant starting salary may range from anything between $11 and $23.82. This simple preview can help you solve any problem on the nagging question, how much do dental assistants make?

Top 5 Paying States

FlagStateEmployment per 1000 JobsHourly mean wageAnnual mean wage
New Hampshire FlagNew Hampshire2.09$21.43$44,580
Alaska FlagAlaska3.02$20.94$43,550
Minnesota FlagMinnesota2.00$20.75$43,160
Massachusetts FlagMassachusetts2.17$20.00$41,590
North Dakota FlagNorth Dakota 1.57$19.71$40,990

Top Paying Industries

IndustryPercent of industry employmentHourly mean wageAnnual mean wage
Specialty Hospitals0.05$19.50$40,550
Insurance Carriers $19.41$40,370
State Government0.07$19.16$39,850
Federal Executive Branch0.20$18.97$39,460
Medical and Surgical Hospitals 0.04$17.93$37,300

Dental Assistant Job Description

what do dental assistants doYou may ask, what do dental assistants do?

The primary responsibilities of an assistant dental worker are highly important to know. It is the legal duty of an dental assistant to prepare a patient for x-rays.

They as well process the whole task through the knowledge they have acquired in training. When talking about adjusting orthodontic equipment in the patient’s mouth, only an assistant dental worker can carry out this task effectively.

A dental assistant will have to clean and maintain patient’s teeth before the arrival of the orthodontist.

The assistant may as well perform administrative obligations such as ordering supplies and processing payments just to mention a few.

We will also help you discover the type of environment that is required for this kind of service.

It is important to know that dental assistants work in offices. The environment has to be sterile and properly clean. This is to help patients get properly relaxed and balanced before the orthodontist arrive.

Workers in this sector will have to wear gloves, facial masks and safety glasses. The gear will protect an assistant dental worker from being infected by potential illnesses that the patient may have. Studies have shown that most dental assistants usually work 40 hours on a weekly basis. However, some other assistants may be required to work on weekends as well.

Normally, becoming an assistant dental worker does need formal training like doctors need. In case you are willing to pursue a career in this profession, enrolling for a diploma program will also help.

In most cases, a diploma program for assistant dental workers will take up to one year in completion. You also need basic administrative knowledge and good communication skills to maintain this position. As a job, you can work in any orthodontic office where dental operations are performed.

Job Outlook Of Dental Assistant

The outlook and projected growth is fantastic for dental assistants. It’s expected that during the period of 2016 – 2026, 64,600 new dental assistants will be required, which means that the growth rate is 19%, much bigger than the national average of .

Dental Assistant Salary by State

FlagStateEmployment per 1000 JobsHourly mean wageAnnual mean wage
Alabama FlagAlabama1.85$14.73$30,650
Alaska FlagAlaska3.025$20.94$43,550
Arizona FlagArizona2.564$17.70$36,830
Arkansas FlagArkansas2.124$15.14$31,490
California FlagCalifornia3.15$18.32$38,100
Colorado flagColorado2.614$18.87$39,250
Connecticut FlagConnecticut2.379$19.61$40,790
Delaware flagDelaware1.768$18.15$37,750
Florida FlagFlorida2.146$16.88$35,100
Georgia FlagGeorgia2.435$16.64$34,600
Hawaii FlagHawaii2.726$16.58$34,480
Idaho FlagIdaho3.041$15.93$33,130
Illinois FlagIllinois2.304$17.21$35,800
Indiana FlagIndiana1.901$17.30$35,980
Iowa FlagIowa1.928$17.66$36,740
Kansas FlagKansas1.983$17.87$37,170
Kentucky FlagKentucky2.434$16.02$33,320
Louisiana FlagLouisiana1.989$14.34$29,830
Maine FlagMaine1.946$18.37$38,210
Maryland FlagMaryland2.115$18.60$38,690
Massachusetts FlagMassachusetts2.168$20.00$41,590
Michigan FlagMichigan2.248$16.50$34,330
Minnesota FlagMinnesota2.001$20.75$43,160
Mississippi FlagMississippi2.056$14.92$31,030
Missouri FlagMissouri1.885$16.53$34,380
Montana FlagMontana2.586$15.97$33,210
Nebraska FlagNebraska1.992$15.87$33,010
Nevada FlagNevada2.316$17.24$35,870
New Hampshire FlagNew Hampshire2.09$21.43$44,580
New Jersey FlagNew Jersey2.352$19.11$39,740
New Mexico FlagNew Mexico2.983$15.31$31,840
New York FlagNew York2.122$17.09$35,550
North Carolina FlagNorth Carolina2.168$18.40$38,270
North Dakota FlagNorth Dakota1.565$19.71$40,990
Ohio FlagOhio1.952$17.26$35,890
Oklahoma FlagOklahoma2.63$15.21$31,630
Oregon FlagOregon2.717$19.67$40,920
Pennsylvania FlagPennsylvania2.216$16.22$33,750
Rhode Island FlagRhode Island1.823$17.18$35,730
South Carolina FlagSouth Carolina1.862$16.71$34,760
South Dakota FlagSouth Dakota1.872$15.61$32,480
Tennessee FlagTennessee2.063$16.66$34,650
Texas FlagTexas2.115$16.44$34,190
Utah FlagUtah3.836$13.78$28,670
Vermont FlagVermont1.777$18.68$38,860
Virginia FlagVirginia2.337$17.77$36,960
Washington FlagWashington3.378$19.37$40,290
West Virginia FlagWest Virginia1.754$14.08$29,280
Wisconsin FlagWisconsin2.116$17.26$35,900
Wyomin FlagWyoming2.079$16.12$33,540

Top paying metropolitan areas

AreaEmployment per 1000 jobsHourly mean wageAnnual mean wage
Manchester, NH2.11$23.91$49,740
San Francisco/San Mateo Redwood- CA – Metropolitan Division2.46$23.01$47,870
Haverhill / North Andover / Amesbury, – MA / NH – NECTA Division2.23$22.97$47,780
Rochester, MN 2.34$22.28$46,330
Santa Rosa / Petaluma, – CA 3.38$22.28$46,330

Top paying nonmetropolitan areas

AreaEmployment per 1000 jobsHourly mean wageAnnual mean wage
Southeast Alaska – nonmetropolitan area1.96$23.99$49,900
Southeast Minnesota – nonmetropolitan area 2.07$23.16$48,170
Other New Hampshire – nonmetropolitan area2.09$22.93$47,690
Southwestern Washington – nonmetropolitan area1.75$21.37$44,450
Southeast Minnesota – nonmetropolitan area1.85$21.29$44,280

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