How Much Do Chiropractors Make?

chiropractor job descriptionChiropractors are healthcare professionals, focused on diagnosing and treating
neuromuscular problems. They treat conditions primarily by carrying out manual adjustments of a patient’s spine, carried out by their own hands.

They also look at ways to reduce pain for the patient and improve motion and functionality in joints. Educating them on ways they can help themselves, as well as carrying out repeated procedures over a prolonged period.

Patients are not always referred to chiropractors as part of their assessment and treatments from their doctors. This is because they are categorized at alternative or complementary medicines. Opposed to traditional medicines which involve drugs or surgeries prescribed by a doctor.

Chiropractor Salary

If you’re wondering, how much do chiropractors make? We can take a look at the figures recorded as a basis. The average chiropractor’s salary is $71,410. This is the median wage calculated by looking at the amount that half the workers in an occupation earned less than, and half earned more than.

chiropractor salaryA chiropractors starting salary is less than $34,990, this is the bracket where the lowest 10% fall. The highest earning 10% earns more than $149,170, displaying a wide bracket and reflecting the difference experience and skillset can make.

There is evidence to show that chiropractors earn significantly less at the beginning of their career and when they are starting out. This is because they often rely on developing a client base over time, and often waiting for recommendations from satisfied patients. This takes time, naturally growing the longer the chiropractor is in practice.

The majority of chiropractors work full time, although around a third works part time. The hours of operation can vary vastly, due to the work involving patients and needing to be fit in around their own working schedules. Self-employed practitioners can set their own hours and work as many, or as little as they like.

Top 5 Paying States

FlagStateEmployment per 1000 JobsHourly mean wageAnnual mean wage
New Jersey FlagNew Jersey 0.19$62.03$129,010
Connecticut FlagConnecticut 0.09$52.23$108,630
Delaware flagDelaware0.21$48.92$101,750
Florida FlagFlorida 0.24$48.75$101,390
Massachusetts FlagMassachusetts 0.12$48.71$101,310

Top Paying Industries

IndustryPercent of industry employmentHourly mean wageAnnual mean wage
Offices of Dentists 0.02$77.17$160,520
Outpatient Care Centers 0.04$54.99$114,380
Offices of Physicians 0.05$47.40$98,590
Specialty Hospitals 0.01$44.54$92,650
Offices of Health Practitioners 3.56$37.71$78,430

Chiropractor Job Description

what does a chiropractor makeWith several branches of complementary medical practices, like; sports therapists, and physical therapists, people often ask, ‘‘what do Chiropractors do?’’

Chiropractors are healthcare professionals with a focus on the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of mechanical disorders. They specialise in the musculoskeletal system, and the look at how disorders have an effect on a patient’s nervous system and general health.

Patients are referred to chiropractors to relieve pain, stiffness, and restore mobility to damaged areas. Treatments are carried out by hand, using pressure and force to manipulate joints in the body. Chiropractors treat acute problems or injuries picked up in day-to-day life, to serious injuries through sports or accidents, to chronic conditions that may be hereditary or disease related.

There is a holistic element to the treatment of patients. Physical, psychological, and social influences go into a chiropractors work. The treatment is carried out without the use of drugs or surgical techniques. The intended result is for the body’s natural healing process to be helped.

Chiropractors work on a one-to-one basis with patients, and often involve any number of the following:

• Looking at a patient’s medical history and lifestyle choices
• Carrying out physical examinations of patients
• Analysing a patient’s posture, spine, and joint mobility
• Taking x-rays and analysing the results
• Carrying out some routine medical tests such as blood pressure
• Performing tissue therapies via massage
• Educating patients by talking them through available therapies
• Maintaining accurate, confidential records

A chiropractic career path can be fairly static. There are not a lot of new technologies and developments coming out yearly to learn about. The principles of the human body have been known for a number of years, but practices to attend specific pain points do change, mostly due to an individual’s own technique.

Chiropractor Salary by State

FlagStateEmployment per 1000 JobsHourly mean wageAnnual mean wage
Alabama FlagAlabama0.18$39.08 $81.290
Alaska FlagAlaska0.28
Arizona FlagArizona0.35$33.95$70.610
Arkansas FlagArkansas0.25$40.31 $83.850
California FlagCalifornia0.16$43.22$89.900
Colorado flagColorado0.38$30.87$64.210
Connecticut FlagConnecticut0.09$52.23$108.630
Delaware flagDelaware0.21$48.92 $101.750
Florida FlagFlorida0.24$48.75 $101.390
Georgia FlagGeorgia0.24$36.25 $75.400
Hawaii FlagHawaii0.09$36.53$75.980
Idaho FlagIdaho0.41$24.87 $51.740
Illinois FlagIllinois0.28$32.47 $67.540
Indiana FlagIndiana0.21$43.24$89.950
Iowa FlagIowa0.36$35.36 $73.550
Kansas FlagKansas0.33$33.75 $70.210
Kentucky FlagKentucky0.19$36.19 $75.280
Louisiana FlagLouisiana0.14$40.09$83.390
Maine FlagMaine0.34$35.41 $73.650
Maryland FlagMaryland1.43$39.58 $82.320
Massachusetts FlagMassachusetts0.12$48.71 $101.310
Michigan FlagMichigan0.33$36.60 $76.130
Minnesota FlagMinnesota0.34$30.18 $62.780
Mississippi FlagMississippi0.10$35.87$74.600
Missouri FlagMissouri0.21$33.80$70.310
Montana FlagMontana0.43$28.61$59.500
Nebraska FlagNebraska0.42$35.71 $74.270
Nevada FlagNevada0.30$31.32 $65.140
New Hampshire FlagNew Hampshire0.13$39.87 $82.930
New Jersey FlagNew Jersey0.19$62.03$129.010
New Mexico FlagNew Mexico0.17$41.60$86.520
New York FlagNew York0.17$40.37 $83.970
North Carolina FlagNorth Carolina0.16$44.78 $93.140
North Dakota FlagNorth Dakota0.41$34.84 $72.470
Ohio FlagOhio0.23$47.20 $98.180
Oklahoma FlagOklahoma0.23$33.96 $70.630
Oregon FlagOregon0.40$31.93 $66.410
Pennsylvania FlagPennsylvania0.23$36.96$76.880
Rhode Island FlagRhode Island0.27$33.13 $68.920
South Carolina FlagSouth Carolina0.19$48.44$100.760
South Dakota FlagSouth Dakota0.49$37.70 $78.410
Tennessee FlagTennessee0.11$41.85$87.050
Texas FlagTexas0.17$28.06 $58.370
Utah FlagUtah0.21$28.77 $59.840
Vermont FlagVermont0.31$28.11 $58.460
Virginia FlagVirginia0.22$40.45 $84.130
Washington FlagWashington0.27$31.62 $65.770
West Virginia FlagWest Virginia0.11$40.11 $83.430
Wisconsin FlagWisconsin0.38$37.95 $78.940
Wyomin FlagWyoming0.26$35.85$74.580

Top paying metropolitan areas

AreaEmployment per 1000 jobsHourly mean wageAnnual mean wage
Camden – NJ, Metropolitan Division 0.09$83.77$174,240
Bridgeport/Stamford/Norwalk – CT0.09$78.70$163,690
Rockford – IL 0.80$73.39$152,640
Anchorage – AK 0.38$67.64$140,690
Greensboro/High Point – NC 0.11$66.71$138,770

Top paying non-metropolitan areas

AreaEmployment per 1000 jobsHourly mean wageAnnual mean wage
Eastern Ohio nonmetropolitan area0.35$53.02$110,280
Capital – Northern New York, nonmetropolitan area 0.21$52.74$109,690
Western/Central/North Carolina, nonmetropolitan area 0.19$49.25$102,440
Central Missouri, nonmetropolitan area $48.74 $101,380
Southern Indiana, nonmetropolitan area 0.29$47.33$98,440

Chiropractor Job Outlook

The outlook for the employment of chiropractors is projected to grow around 12% between 2016 and 2026. This is a faster rate of growth than the average for all occupations. The reason for this is the increasing number of people seeking chiropractic treatments.

Attitudes and approaches to medicine has changed a lot over recent years, and receiving treatments on the neck, back, limbs and other areas of the body has become more accepted. As a result of this there is a lot more work and referrals being passed across from medical professionals.

Another reason for the projected growth is the increase in aging population, and the baby-boom generation. Being a line of work that relies on patients, and more so elderly patients, an increase in the elderly population will lead to more work.

Chiropractor Career Video

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