How Career Counselling Helps School Students

Every teacher and educator knows how important it is to identify their students’ potential and direct them towards the path they should take to pursue their careers. Despite its many benefits, career counselling is not taken as seriously as it should be taken. Many teachers as well parents consider it too early for a school going student to receive advice related to their career, when the truth is contrary to this belief.
According to a research carried out by ACT (a US based non-profit organization which researches educational problems and offers solutions), early career planning results in better earnings and job satisfaction. The research report states, “Not only do college readiness and early career planning directly affect success in postsecondary education but, just as important, they predict long-term salary attainment, regardless of , college major, gender or ultimate educational attainment.” So, what are the major reasons which make early career counselling important?

1. Helps them identify their interests

Students in schools are often unable to identify their interests and cannot differentiate their likes from their interests. Every student likes acting in movies but they may not be interested in it after they know what work it involves. Career counselling lets the students identify their interests which they were not able to zero-in before.

2. Lets them decide their preferences

At a young age, students are naturally interested in a number of disciplines. Their minds are too immature to determine what discipline they will prefer from others. Career counselling helps a student have a serious glance over their future and lets them understand their preferences.

3. Helps them in setting a target

A student who has no exposure to career counselling cannot set a target for their future. However, a student who has chosen a field to pursue and has determined what their preferences are, can set a target and work for it with more rigour. Career counselling –through expert advice- helps students in setting a target.

4. Lets the students co-relate between their current studies and planned careers

Career counselling helps the students in co-relating between their current studies and the careers they have planned for their future. A student who wants to become an artist will understand the importance of all subjects and what role they play in becoming a good artist when he or she explores more about the career.

5. Helps parents to plan for the career which is suited for their kids

Professional career counsellors not just counsel students, they counsel their parents too. Parents are informed about not only the career which suits their students but are also informed about what path their wards will have to take in order to pursue it. In short, career counselling lets the parents make an informed choice and let them prepare in advance for their children’s career.

6. Helps the teachers in directing the students for their targeted careers

Through the results of career counselling tests, teachers can direct their students in their studies and customize them to suit the talents of their students.

7. Decentralization of a particular stream of education

Career counselling puts a stop to the centralization of a particular stream of education and prevents the ‘herding’ of students in a particular stream. Due to the lack of career guidance, students often choose a stream of study just because others have done the same. Career counselling helps the students in pursuing the stream or career for which they are best suited.

8. Job satisfaction in future, resulting in better productivity

A career which suits the interests and talents of a student will make them more satisfied and content with their job and will result in better productivity. This can be possible only if the students get expert guidance about what career suits them and how to pursue it.

9. Their route towards earning is made short

The above cited report of ACT also states that career counselling makes the route of earning for students shorter, which naturally means that the economy will get a boost. Career counselling readies the students in a better way for college and prevents them from pursuing courses which they do not require.

10. No depression and work stress in future

According to a poll conducted by Gallup (an American company which studies global job performance and management along with other issues), 70 percent among 1,50,000 hate their job. DNA India (a national level news portal) reported that 80% of Indians hate their jobs but are afraid to quit.
Psychological experts have long since cited work stress as one of the major causes for depression. Early career counselling can effectively eliminate this problem as students will get to identify and pursue careers which they find suited to their talents and interests.

Noel Griffith, Ph.D.
Noel Griffith is a Doctor of Philosophy with a strong interest in educational research. He has been an editor-in-chief of since 2014. Noel is an avid reader (non-fiction), enjoys good food, live theatre, and helping others make wiser career decisions.

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