What is an Animator?

With the constant advances in computer software, being an animator is becoming more popular and more accessible all the time.

Creative people flourish in the role of an animator, taking their passion for drawing and creating and using software and other tools to create powerful animations.Read our complete guide and answer the question how to become an animator?

Being an animator can open up some interesting and exciting opportunities.

A lot of the work will be day-to-day work using design software. But depending on the industry, some interesting projects can turn up.

Video game designing and movie work is a large part of animation. The technological advances in design software leads to a greater demand for high-quality animation work on the big screen. At the same time, animations are just as important to entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to promote their brand.

What do Animators do?

The title of ‘Animator’ can cover a number of roles. It can mean multi-media animations, creating special effects, working with visual images, animating sculptures, working with electronic tools, and more.

Animators are responsible for a lot of what goes on behind the scenes at film studios, television studios, and video game development companies. This is the more glamorous roles with a lot of exposure. But animators are just as valuable to small companies, managing their multi-media, websites, and public image.

A summary of some typical duties include:

  • Producing animated graphics for companies
  • Designing animated sequences in film and TV
  • Animating simulations for military and medical practices
  • Animating virtual tours of buildings

Important Skills of an Animator

Being an animator comes easier to some people than others. There is a level of natural creativity and imagination that makes the job a lot easier.

Don’t let this put you off if you don’t think these are your strengths however. Anyone can be an animator if it’s what they want to do. There are a few qualities that make an animator more successful, here are some of them.

Drawing Skills

Drawing well is going to be a big advantage when it comes to penciling some rough designs to be worked on. Being able to put your own, or someone else’s vision on to paper and make it come alive is a key part to being an animator.

Creativity and Imagination

As mentioned in the opener, being creative and imaginative is going to open up a lot more creative opportunities and possibilities. Animators are often left to their own creative flair to make designs come alive.

Good Computer Skills and Knowledge of Design Software

There is a strong emphasis on being able to use design software to a high-level. This is a skill set that will hold a person back in their role if they cannot master the software. Some companies use in-house packages and provide the appropriate training.

Good Communication Skills

Being an animator does mean working alone on projects. But in most roles there will also be a need to communicate with other team members, clients, and customers. A clear understanding is crucial to completing a job to the client’s specifications.

Ability to Meet Deadlines and Manage Own Workload

An animation will typically be part of a larger overall project. So meeting personal deadlines is important to the success of the project as a whole. Being able to manage time and deliver work in a timely fashion is a desirable skill set.

The average animator salary is $72,520.

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