20 Top Paying Jobs in America

It may not be your passion. It may not be your dream job either. But one thing is certain, if you pursue one of the following careers. You may make a great deal of money. Check the 20 top paying jobs in America. lawyers annual salary 20) Lawyers Annual Salary: $133,470 Lawyers’ work is to represent their clients during their legal proceedings. Their duties are to advise their clients about their legal transactions, complete legal documents, and of course represent them in the court. For more information about their salary click here. IT managers Annual Salary 19) Computer and Information System Managers Annual Salary: $136,280 Computer and information system managers’ aka (IT) managers’ work is to determine their company’s information technology goals. Then they work towards implementing computer systems meet these goals. natural science managers annual salary 18) Natural Sciences Managers Annual Salary: $136,450 Natural science managers’ work involves conducting scientific research, planning and coordinating product development projects, and other production activities. The goal of these projects is to improve the manufacturing process and develop new products. Marketing Managers Annual Salary 17) Marketing Managers Annual Salary: $137,400 Marketing managers plan and coordinate the marketing policies of an organization or a company. Their work involves researching competition analysis, identifying potential customers, determining the demand of the company’s/organization’s products, and establish a pricing strategy that will maximize the company’s/organization’s profits. Podiatrists Annual Salary 16) Podiatrists Annual Salary: $137,480 Podiatrists are physicians, they examine diagnose and treat illnesses and injuries at on patients’ feet. They diagnose and treat problems like fractures, sprains, neuromas, bunions, warts, heel spurs, calluses and ingrown and fungal toenails. Architectural and Engineer managers Annual Salary 15) Architectural and Engineering Managers Annual Salary: $138,720 Architectural and engineering managers’ work is to plan, direct and coordinate activities at engineering and architectural companies using their engineering and architectural skills. They usually work at industrial plants, manufacturing companies, research and development laboratories, and engineering services firms just to mention a few. Prosthodontist Annual Salary 14) Prosthodontists Annual Salary $142,830 Prosthodontists are dentists that specialize in replace and restore patients missing teeth. Some everyday tasks of a prosthodontist include placing dental implants, crowns-bridges- dentures, and doing cosmetic dentistry. petroleum engineers Annual Salary 13) Petroleum Engineers Annual Salary: $147,520 Petroleum engineers work alongside other specialists like geologists. Their work is to understand the geologic formation of a place where oil and gas has been discovered. After they understand the formation they have to develop the best drilling methods and equipment to ensure maximum safety and productivity. Nurse Anesthetics Annual Salary 12) Nurse Anesthetists Annual Salary: $153,780 Nurse anesthetists help anesthesiologists to apply anesthesia to the patients. They stay with the patients during the operation continuously monitoring all body functions and modifying the anesthetic to provide maximum comfort and safety. Dentists Annual Salary 11) Dentists Annual Salary: $166,810 Dentists are doctors that examine, diagnose and treat diseases and injuries in a patient’s teeth, gums and to the general oral area. Some of their tasks are to repair fractured teeth, fill cavities and remove tooth decay. For more information about their salary click here. Pediatrician annual salary 10) Pediatricians Annual Salary: $175,400 Pediatricians are medical professionals that provide mental, physical and emotional care to children. They usually work at private offices where they see their patients. They diagnose and treat all kinds of illnesses and injuries from minor ones like flues, to chronic health problems. For more information about their salary click here. chief executives annual salary 9) Chief Executives Annual Salary: $180,700 Chief Executives aka CEOs are responsible for managing an organization. Their duties are set by the Board of Directors and are dependent on the organization’s structure and goals. They make a plan and then execute it by coordinating all organization’s departments in order to achieve the goals set by the board of directors. psychiatrists annual salary 8) Psychiatrists Annual Salary: $182,700 Psychiatrists are medical practitioners that prevent, diagnose and treat mental illnesses. They use medical and psychological tests in order to understand the problems of their patients. After the diagnosis they apply several forms of treatment like; medication, psychotherapy and hospitalization if required. family and general practitioners annual salary 7) Family and General Practitioners Annual Salary: $186,320 Family and general practitioners are doctors that work with patients in order to diagnose and treat common health problems. They usually work at their private offices where they see patients. It is common for general practitioners to refer their patients to other specialists for specific treatments. internists annual salary 6) Internists Annual Salary: $190,530 Internists are doctors that diagnose and treat (non-surgical) illnesses, diseases and injuries.They do this by providing medication to patients and referring them to other doctors if needed. orthodontists annual salary 5) Orthodontists Annual Salary: $201,030 An orthodontist’s job is to correct patients’ teeth that are misaligned, and as a result have an improper bite or malocclusion. They do this by applying braces, headgear and retainers. Obstetricians and Gynecologists annual salary 4) Obstetricians and Gynecologists Annual Salary: $214,750 They are physicians that diagnose and treat diseases and illnesses in women, especially conditions that affect their reproductive system. They also provide medical care during pregnancy and childbirth. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons annual salary 3) Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons Annual Salary: $219,600 Oral and maxillofacial surgeons operate on the neck, head, face and jaws of a patient in order to treat illnesses, deceases and injuries. In the US, oral and maxillofacial surgery is recognized as a dentistry specialty. A dentistry background and knowledge is required in order to pursue this career. surgeons Annual Salary 2) Surgeons Annual Salary: $240,440 A surgeon’s job is to operate on patients in order to treat diseases, illnesses and injuries. It is easy to understand why they are getting paid so well if you consider the accuracy their work requires and the responsibility they take every time they operate on a patient. Anesthesiologists Annual Salary 1) Anesthesiologists Annual Salary: $246,320 Their job is to examine patients’ medical history and give them the right anesthetics before a surgical procedure. It might sounds like a fairly simple task, but it is not as easy as it sounds. Anesthesiologists have to be prepared with the right anesthetics depending on a patients’ medical history, the length of the surgical procedure, and the type of anesthesia they have to apply (regional, general, local) will differ on the circumstance. For more information about their salary click here. Source: Bls.gov
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