Best Career Blogs to Follow in 2018 and Beyond

Best Career Blogs to Follow in 2018

It doesn’t matter whether you are just starting out or you have been working in the career you love for many years, we all need tips to help us improve our mentality and skill.

That is why from time to time we end up online, looking for the best career blog with great actionable advice that will help us take the next step in our career, solve career problems and make positive lifestyle choices.

Top Career Blogs

But not every blog is useful, and that is why we have weeded out the bad to give you a list of the best career blogs to follow in 2018.


This blog is written by Candace Moody, who provides tips on how to get and keep a great job. She is a professional in HR, career assessment, training and recruiting.


A lot of people go into interviews just hoping that they will go well. The advice offered on this blog provides you with information that allows you to be prepared for a successful interview and raise your chances of getting hired.


This blog run by Abby Kohut, who has worked in the HR industry and employed over 10,000 workers in her career. Her blog is full of useful tips and secrets about what recruiters are looking for in the perfect candidate during the hiring process.


Ask a Manager will help out when you are not so sure what is going on in your manager's mind It could be that you want to get a raise, are afraid you might get fired, or something else. Ask a Manager is here to help.


Many workers are not satisfied with their current jobs, and this blog is aimed at helping them discover what they call “work personalities” in order to find a more fulfilling job. It also provides people with the tips and tools that help them create an enjoyable life.


Are you a young professional with great ambitions? Then Brazen is the career blog for you. On this site, you will find fun, edgy advice on how to navigate and succeed in transforming the industry in which you work.


Bulls Eye Recruiting is a recruiting firm with great credibility, and they love to share professional knowledge on their blog. This knowledge includes technology, interviews tips, ethics, and cover letter tips.


Career cloud offers tips that you can use when hunting for a job, changing a job, negotiating a job and pretty much anything else that goes on in the workplace.


On the Career Igniter blog, you will find all the advice you need to jump-start your career, from resume writing to job hunting to career advancement.


Career Impressions is all about helping you make the best first impression in your job search, from your resume to your LinkedIn profile to your interview.


The Career Ladder blog focuses on providing career advice and guidance. The blog talks about the latest trends, insights and much more in the job market.


If you wish to get your dream job or advance to the next level in your current one, you will find all the tips, ideas, strategies, and resources you need on


Think of any topic about careers, and you are definitely going to find tips and advice about it on this website’s blog. You will find the advice in all forms, from startup tips to resume guides to infographics. Whatever you need, it is available on Career Geek.


This blog gives you advice on how to search for jobs in this age – the digital age. It is run by Hannah Morgan, a famous speaker and author who is well-versed in the art of job searching.


Want to learn how to build a perfect resume while receiving great advice as well? Then look no further than Career Trend, as it will help you communicate how valuable you are to your would-be employer.


This blog contains plenty of advice for professional women, whether they are job seeking or want to get a promotion. It is written by Lisa Quast, a business consultant, career coach and a former Fortune 500 executive.


With tips on job seeking strategies, networking, interviewing and writing winning cover letters and resumes, this blog offers professional insight into the job search process that can kick-start your career.


This blog, written by Lisa Rangel, an expert recruiter, seeks to help job hunters get their dream job by offering advice at every step in the process, from resumes, online profiles, and cover letters.


Classy Career Girl is all about unlocking the potential of women to be who they want to be by helping them achieve success in their careers by teaching them how to follow their passion.


If you are looking for advice on finding great seasonal work, then give a try. This website has been operating in the seasonal job and summer job niche for many years, so they know what they are talking about. Plus, they can help you land that job as well.

If you are a corporate woman who wants to look stunning and professional at the same, then this blog, written by Kat Griffin will help you out. Her blog will give you fashion tips on how to build a wardrobe that is professional yet affordable.


The Cube Rules blog offers useful advice if you work in the corporate world and your desk is in a cubicle. With their tips, not only can you get a good job, but also achieve success and secure your job.

Jessica+ +Cubicle+Chic

This is a lifestyle blog written by Jessica Koong, a master content strategist and writer. She is a science nerd who owns two cats and loves to read and write.


Using the knowledge, she has gained from over 30 years of being a corporate executive, Dana Manciagli, offer tips to job seekers on what employers are looking for.


Debut is an app for the Android and iOS. It has a blog on it called Insight that provides you with useful tips on careers, employ-ability, lifestyle, university life, and keeps you updated on the latest trends. It is the perfect app for students and job seekers.


Can’t afford to hire a superstar career counselor? Then FlexJobs is for you. Their blog provides you with the wisdom that will help you as you search for a job.


Do you want to be more flexible in your work process while benefiting both individuals and your business? then the Flex Strategy Group blog, written by Cali Williams Yost, is the blog for you.


This blog is written by Jessica H Hernandez, an award-winning Executive Resume Writer. You will also find tips on resume writing from personal branding experts and certified resume writers on this career blog.


Karalyn Brown is the writer of this blog, and she offers advice such as resume tips, job seeking strategies, LinkedIn tips and reveals the secrets behind what recruiters are looking for in the perfect candidate.


Dorothy Tannahill-Moran is the respective blogger behind Introvert Whisperer. She will provide you with intelligent, useful advice about your career if you are an introvert.


This website is run by professionals who offer advice on acing your interviews, how to use LinkedIn to your advantage, personal SEO and many more.

They even have an ebook you can download on the website, without subscribing or registering, called “Job-Hunt Guide to Successful Interviewing.”


The Jobscan bog will give you advice on how to build winning resumes. The owner of Jobscan, James Hu, discovered that companies use powerful portals to hire people by searching for specific keywords. He built Jobscan in order to automate the process of making resumes more noticeable on these portals.


On this blog, you will find information that will help give you an advantage over your competitors and coworkers. It teaches you the necessary attitudes and skills that will differentiate you from the rest.


You have the right to work, and Kathy Caprino helps you discover it and use it to transform the workplace. She provides plenty of resources that professional women can take advantage of, such as leadership training, career coaching, and success seminars.


If you are a small business owner or job seeker, then you will find detailed, usable information on the Keppie Careers blog. You will get advice from the mentor, coach and founder of Keppie Careers herself, Miriam Salpeter, on how to take control and own your career successes.


The writer of this blog is Kerry Hannon. She is the author of the book “Getting the Job You Want After 50,” a National Keynote Speaker and expert on personal finance, career, and retirement.


Lindsey Pollak is Yale graduate, author of the book “Getting from College to Career: Your Essential Guide to Succeeding in the Real World,” and international spokeswoman for LinkedIn. Her blog offers useful LinkedIn tips, like networking with LinkedIn’s VIPs and marketing your brand.


This blog by Maggie Mistal provides you with secrets that help you succeed in your dream job. It will also link you to her monthly podcast where she provides inspiration in the form of strategies and tips that help you master your inner confidence and get your dream job.


Margaret Buj’s blog is the perfect blog to visit if you are a professional who needs advice on how to get a job, promotion, or raise.

Mary Elizabeth Bradford

​Mary Elizabeth Bradford  works exclusively with VP to CxO level executives, and has many credentials that can help you succeed; she is an award-winning job search coach, triple certified executive resume writer and offers executive recruiter distributions. Her blog teaches you how to invest in yourself and career to get the best interviews, promotions, salaries and job roles at the 300k+ level. Her site is a Forbes awarded Top 100 Careers Website.


We all face difficulties in our career, and it is no easy task to overcome them. This blog is all about challenging beliefs that hold you back in order to advance your business, career, and life.


Being a professional with great ambitions can be tough, especially if you're a young woman. That is why this career blog provides young women with motivational tips and advice on career building and advancement.


If you are semi-retired and love what you do, My Lifestyle Career will help you make a profit. My Lifestyle Career is the blog to read if you are not fully ready to retire and want to find interesting, creative, and fun ways to still do what you love.


Everyone wants a job that they will love doing. That is where this website’s blog, written by Julie Erickson, comes in. It will help you craft the perfect resume, handle horrible bosses, ace your job interview and much more.

personal brabding-logo1

If you are looking for information on creating your very own personal brand, then the personal branding blog is for you. On this blog, you will find useful, articles, research reports, interviews with specialists in the branding industry.


Punched Clocks was started by Sarah Landrum to educate people of how to achieve success and happiness in their career and life, as well as navigating the workplace.


The goal of Resume Not Required is to align workers with the overall vision of the company they work for by making them see the importance of what the company does..


Riklan Resources has a blog that provides comprehensive advice and insights in every area of your career, from the moment you write a resume to handling difficult scenarios in the workplace.


This blog is dedicated to giving skilled craft workers advice that will help them find jobs that are suited to their skills, education, and experience, as well as preferences.


The blog is written by job search professional and expert resume writer Laurie Berenson. It is meant for senior professionals and executives who are struggling to find a job.


The blog, Stilettos on the Glass Ceiling, was launched by Marney Reid, who is a salesperson for one of the top manufacturers of medical devices. Her blog is meant to promote, support, and empower working class women from all vocations and ages.


On this blog, Chantal Bechervaise talks about everything you need to know related to work life, including technology, social media, leadership, workplace culture, and HR.


TalentCulture was founded in 2008 by Meghan M. Biro, who wanted to transform leadership and HR with her peers. Now, the site has a blog that offers expert advice, meaningful insight, networking opportunities, and professional support to career people.


The Hired Group is a career coaching firm with a website that hosts one of the largest networks of students, employers, and educators. Their blog is dedicated to helping you, the job seeker, get the carrier of your dreams.


This Office Blend blog is written by Dr. Marla Gottschalk, an organizational and industrial psychologist whose specialty is organizational change and success strategies. She gives tips and advice on how to transform your workplace and go into interviews with a positive attitude.


If you are on the lookout for your next job, then The Voice of Job Seekers is full of useful advice, from how to find opportunities to using social media to your advantage.


Want to go from rejection letters to offer letters, then The Wise Job Search has the best ideas, resource, and information to help you achieve that. If you can’t find what you are looking for? Just drop them an email and they will respond with an article just for you.


The Writing Guru is the pen name of Wendi Weiner. She is an award-winning career coach and resume writer, accomplished attorney and former college professor in the writing department.


Thrive Yard provides in-depth/detailed career advice articles, infographics, videos, and slides to help people get a job, fall in love with their job and succeed in their careers.


If you are looking for a comprehensive career guide that will help you find a job, then the Up To Work blog is definitely for you. The main website has a resume automation tool that allows you to create the perfect resume in just five minutes.


This blog will help you out a lot if you are a recent graduate or still a college student. It will give you advice on how to land full-time jobs, part-time jobs, and internships.


This blog is run by Michelle Ward, a life coach who offers career guidance for women who want to achieve their dreams. She has been blogging since 2008.


This career blog is written by Ronnie Ann who provides her useful insight on different careers. She offers advice on essential topics in the job market, from interview strategies to tips on customizing your resume.


Do you work in the human capital industry? Are you looking to transform your organization and work life? Then Workology is the blog for you and anyone who wants to change the status quo.

So, there you have it, all the best career blog to follow this 2018. As you can see, this list will help you find the perfect blog, whether you are job hunting, trying to keep your job, or looking for a promotion or raise.